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Heart of Anchovi's innovation. Combining Dot Foods' vast industry data with Morsum's advanced AI, .VI is set to transform the foodservice landscape. Get ready for unparalleled efficiency and insights.

Allergens Detector. Advanced detection and management tools ensure food safety and compliance with allergen regulations.
Image Optimizer. Elevate product presentations with optimized imagery, designed to engage and captivate your customers.
.VI - The Core. Revolutionizing digital transformation in foodservice with innovative, AI-enhanced tools and insights.
Future Forward. With a shared vision, we're crafting more human-centric AI tools to enhance our growing suite.

Enhance Food Safety and Trust with VI Technology

Empowering the foodservicing industry with smart allergen tracking for a healthier future.
Improves customer trust and loyalty, attracting health-conscious consumers.
Allergens Detector
Supports business sustainability by preventing costly recalls and protecting brand reputation.
Ensures consumer safety by accurately identifying and managing allergens in food products.
Reduces the risk of product recalls by minimizing allergen contamination incidents.
Mitigates legal issues by ensuring compliance with allergen labeling regulations.

Visual Excellence for E-commerce

VI-powered image selection that transforms browsing into buying, enhancing customer engagement and conversions.
Reduces bounce rates by engaging customers with compelling visuals.
Image Optimizer
Boosts conversion rates by prioritizing high-quality product images.
Enhances online shopping experience with visually appealing imagery.
Increases sales through improved product presentation.

Data-Driven Excellence

.VI’s intelligence is fueled by the rich, diverse datasets of Dot Foods, complemented by real-time transactional data from our network of distributors and operators. This robust foundation enables .VI to deliver precise allergen tracking, refined ecommerce imagery, and actionable insights, propelling food distributors toward informed decision-making and strategic market leadership.